Default Permissions for Administrators

The DEFAULT template is the template that will be used when creating a new user of that type. A custom template, such as FRONT DESK, can be created and used to map capabilities to a user after they are created.The Default Security settings for Administrators should be made null or restricted.  This will prevent an Admin from adding another Administrator with permissions greater than their own.  The Admin Default Security Template should be as basic as possible, or you can totally strip all access then add security capabilities or adjust the admin's settings to another template.

To edit the Default Admin Security Template, go to: Tools -> Security -> Templates.  Select Administrator for the user type, the template should be Default.

  • Un-check the boxes to the left of Functions and Reports
  • Both should now appear in Pink
  • You can further expand each subcategory and add permissions
  • Click [Save] once your Default Administrator has been updated.
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