How do I Manage Daily Receipts

There are two options for managing daily receipts within your system.

  • Making the choice is a balance between the size of your organization, number of cash drawers, number of admins running drawers, and the number of transactions.
  • The one person organization would use option 2, a full health club facility with 1+ tills and 1+ admins running cash drawers will use option 1.

Option 1 – Cash Drawer Tool

       Choose Cash Drawers from Functions-> Point of Sale-> Cash Drawers

       Click View Cash Drawers and Select

       Click START Processing to active a Drawer


       Use Admin drop down to choose Drawer Owner
       Enter Starting Balance
       Enter any notes

New Status of Drawer

Click home and use as normal. Make financial transactions, paying special attention to STEP 2 on the Checkout Screen.

Repeat the STEP 2 instruction with each Checkout from that Drawer.
At end of shift Close the Drawer


Click STOP Processing

Count cash on hand, enter value in the Cash + Starting Balance Receipts field.
Do the same for checks.
If Credit cards, or any other remaining transactions take place outside of your Software, count and enter their values in the Receipts column.
After entering Values click Recalculate.
Click Complete Close Out to complete closing the drawer. If you have a STAR100/600 receipt printer a summary will be printed.

Click History to see a Drawer’s history

Drawer History, Option to print Receipts if you have a STAR 100/600 Receipt printer.


Option 2 – Financial Transactions Report

Reports -> Financial -> Financial Transactions
Using Daily Transaction Reports
Pull totals for today from default query.

Or use the dropdown to choose yesterday’s Receipts or Custom query for any date.

Use the fields to limit your results as needed…



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