How do I Freeze a Membership

1.  Go to: Functions-> Memberships-> Memberships
2.  Search by lastname on membership you wish to freeze
3.  To left of membership, under Action column, click membership actions, click "Freeze"
4.  Enter the start of the freeze in the Freeze Date field, and the end date in the Freeze Until Date field. 

  • If not a PIF membership enter the new Period Rate the member will pay during the freeze period.  If there is no payment during freeze period, enter $0.
  • if there is a(n) add-on(s) you'll have the option not to freeze the addon
  • Retain Scheduled Payment Dates at Unfreeze.  Check this box if the same Scheduled Payment Dates should be used at the Unfreeze.  If not, the Unfreeze date will be used for future Scheduled Payments.
  • Enter a reason for the freeze
  • click Freeze


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