Membership Service Fees Explained

Membership Service Fees Explained

To easily add-on an extra charge to a client's membership period rate, create a membership service fee.

Creating a Membership Service Fee:
  • Tools-> System Settings-> Membership Service Fee
  • For example, if you sell lockers, [Membership Fee 1] may be called Locker.
  • Select an income category and apply taxes if needed
Adding a Membership Service Fee during Membership Purchase:
  • Functions-> Memberships-> Purchase; enter lastname of member and click [find]
  • Click [purchase] to left of name
  • Locate and select desired membership
  • Click [override values]
  • Scroll to the additional services section at bottom; enter service fee amount and click [open membership].

Adding a Membership Service to a Membership:

  • Functions-> Memberships-> View Memberships; search by last name on membership
  • To the left of the membership, under Actions, click [Services]
  • Next, click [Edit] to the left of the service fee
  • Enter the service fee period rate
  • Enter a reason and [Save]
  • Confirm service fee has been added onto membership bill, go to the client’s [Scheduled Payments]

Add, edit and remove additional membership services for a single scheduled payment

  • If you need to comp someone for the month or edit their service fee for a single period, go to the client’s [Scheduled Payments]: Functions-> Memberships-> View Memberships; click [scheduled payments] to the left of the membership.
  • Click on the number under the [Services Amount] column
  • Click Edit to the right of the service fee and update changes
**Note:  For a Paid-in-Full membership, add a membership service fee by going to the client's [scheduled payments] and click on [Add new scheduled payment].  Add the membership service fee as a NEW scheduled payment.
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