Purchase membership from Add user Screen

How to purchase a membership from the Add User screen


Quick Functions -> Add User;

The User Type Defaults to 'Member';

Enter First Name, Last name and any required fields for the Member.  You can enter the Card ID at this time.

Next to 'Purchase Membership', drop down to 'Select Membership';

Select the appropriate membership;

Complete the Member Details form with Address, Contact Information and any other required fields;



Scroll down to Save go to billing;

Verify the EFT settings are correct;

Enter the Primary Credit Card or Banking information;

Scroll down to 'Click here to Continue';

Have your member sign the contract and Save;

Click the link to 'Make First Payment';

Verify the amount;

Click the box to Continue;

The member's billing information will auto-populate;

Click the green 'Submit' button;'

Purchase Successful!  Email receipt to the member.


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