How to Purchase Family/Group Memberships

Group/Family Memberships
Purchased Together
1. Add a Membership type with a Subtype = Primary (consider pricing this membership for 2)
2. Add a Membership type with a Subtype = Secondary (consider pricing this membership at 0)
3. Purchase Membership for Primary, OVERRIDE all fees to include the amounts from additional Add-Ons. For example, if the family membership includes 4 people, adjust the price to account for all 4.
4. Purchase Membership(s) for each additional group member, choosing the secondary membership type at zero dollars. During the purchase process you'll be asked to select the Primary Membership which will link them together.

The above example has the Primary financially responsible for both the Primary and Secondary memberships.  Memberships may still be linked, and paid for separately. This is done by setting a price on both the primary and secondary memberships individually.

Tertiary memberships - third level memberships, this provides the ability to manage 2 relationships within a membership group. For example, consider a Company that either pays for or provides discounted memberships to their employees.  This would be a Primary/Secondary relationship - regardless of which is paying.  If an employee wants to purchase a membership for their family, the family members would own Tertiary memberships that are linked to the secondary - employee, and primary - employer.  Again the option remains for the Secondary (employee) to pay, or for the individual Tertiaries.

Add-on Purchased After Parent Membership
1. Purchase Membership(s) for Secondary or Tertiary after the 1st is purchased, normal purchase process, but adjust initialization fee and period fee as appropriate.  You will be prompted to assign the primary memberships to link to.
2. View Memberships, look up the financially  responsible memberships
3. from Actions, click on Adjust
4. Enter the new total period amount for the memberships being paid for.
Once memberships are purchased, these options will be available in View Memberships>>Membership Actions:
View Parent (when looking at the secondary membership)
View Secondaries (when looking at the primary membership)
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