Employee Checkin

Employee Checkin

1.  Administrator Logs into Shape.Net
2.  Click Checkin
3.  Employee checks in using
    a. Keytag scan
    b. Finger scan
    c. Use Search to type in last name.
4.  Click on Apply Checkin

Note:  If the checkin screen is already displayed they need to just do a, b, or c above. Also, you can set a unique card ID for all employees if you do not use keytags or finger scans. For example, you can set the card ID to the employee's intials and a number - BS205. When the employee goes to the checkin screen, they type in their unique card ID and click ""apply checkin".

Employee Checkout

Steps 1-4 above (at least 15 minutes after checking in)

Tracking/ Updating Employee Hours

Reports, Stat/Misc., Employee Hours Tracking

  • To add a checkin date/ time

click on employee name
click Add Checkin Date
Enter date/time
Click Add Checkin

  • To edit a time or add a check out

click on employee name
click Edit to the left of the Checkin Date
enter the new time, click Update

  • To delete a checkin date/time 

Click on the employee name
Click the delete icon to remove the checkin.

Note : If the time card is giving you trouble, like the same checkin/checkout times won't update properly, use Delete checkin to remove that date's checkins completely, and start over with Add a Date.


If this does not resolve the issue, please feel free to Submit a Support Ticket

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