How to add a POS item

  1. Functions -> Point of Sale -> Add Product
  2. If a UPC number is available, uncheck Generate In-house, and scan or type it into the UPC field
  3. If no UPC number is available, keep Generate In-house checked
  4. Fill out fields, click Save.

Field descriptions

Quantity = enter quantity on hand.  If the product you are entering is an intangible item (ex., day passes, rental space, gift certificates) enter 9999 as your quantity in stock.

Re-order Threshold = The re-order threshold triggers the report under Reports -> Misc/Stats -> Re-order Quantity.  This report will populate with products to re-order based on the threshold quantity you enter.

Priority Level = Ability to sort on Priority

Cost = your cost per item

Price = your selling price per item.  The Cost and Price together will allow you to see the revenue generated from your products sold.  You can find this report under Reports -> Financial -> POS Analysis Report.

Allow Bill Later - check this to allow member to put item on account to be billed at a later date. 

Allow Complimentary - check this to manage stock that staff is allowed to give away at no cost

Apply Tax to Item - check this to apply tax (from Tools -> System Settings -> Tax Rate (%) -> POS Products.  (Primary Tax = Federal, Secondary Tax = State and Tertiary = Municipal)

Member Can View - check this to allow members to view this product online (or purchase if you've had that featured turned on)

Short & Long Description - text fields used to describe product.  These two can be the same.

Attributes - facility managed list to search for products

Product Category & Subcategory - used to organize Catalog, and provide subtotals on Summary Reports.  Product Categories are defined under Tools -> System Settings -> Field Definitions -> Product Category.

Income Category - used to group items into a subtotal on the Summary Reports.  Income Categories are defined under Tools -> System Settings -> Field Definitions -> Income Category.

Notes - text field for facility use

Image Location - use to browse hard drive for product photo.  Images downloaded from Google can also be used.

Load Image, used to load the product photo into the shape system.


**Once the item is save, you can edit the product to map it to your Quick POS button on your Home Screen.

Click the Edit link next to the product, On the left side of the form, select the drop down menu next to POS Quick Link Mapping.  Select the number you would like to map the product to.  Then go to Tools -> Edit Quick POS and enable the button.  This will place the item under the Quick POS and make the purchasing process much quicker.

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