How to add a POS item

  1. Functions, POS, Add Product
  2. If a UPC number is available, uncheck Generate In-house, and scan or type it into the UPC field
  3. If no UPC number is available, keep Generate In-house checked
  4. Fill out fields, click Save.

Field descriptions

Quantity = enter quantity on hand

Priority Level = Ability to sort on Priority

Cost = your cost per item

Price = your selling price per item

Allow Bill Later - check this to allow member to put item on account to be billed at a later date

Allow Complementary - check this to manage stock that staff is allowed to give away at no cost

Apply Tax to Item - check this to apply tax (from Tools, System Settings, tax settings, POS)

Member Can View - check this to allow members to view this product online (or purchase if you've had that featured turned on)

Short & Long Description - text fields used to describe product

Attributes - facility managed list to search for products

Product Category & Subcategory - used to organize Catalog, and provide subtotals on Summary Reports

Income Category - used to group items into a subtotal on the Summary Reports

Notes - text field for facility use

Image Location - used to browse harddrive for product photo

Load Image, used to load the product photo into the shape system.

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