Release 8220 Notes 02-2017


  • Now have the ability to update members with same credit card that use Open Edge  (When you have a member as a responsible billing party, once the parent's credit card is updated, those he/she is responsible for will be updated as well)


  • Added the ability to access our new Knowledge base from the Help Menu which we are working on updating and improving.  The old knowledge base is still available but will be removed in June 2017.


  •  We now have a new speed test application that you can run from the help menu to see your download and upload speeds.  


  • You can now capture Company name for a prospect or a new membership online. You can also query by company name when finding a user/prospect.


  • Now there is the ability to easily add members to classes from the check-in screen under Today's schedule.


  • We have improved paper and email invoices by adding the Membership and Service Type display name.


  • Now when you undone a class a record will be written to the Audit Report.


  • Financial Summary Report can now be generated (Reports – Financial/Financial Summary Report - select generate report. Refresh screen or go to Reports - Generated Reports)


  • Now you can text from key reports (All Open Balances Reports - Membership Cancel- Credit Card Expire Report (Reports/Misc-Stats)- Reports/Retention/Last Training Date Analysis- Reports/Retention/Members w/o Training Packages)


  • Due to the complexity of the Trainer Payroll Summary Report, the sorting capability was removed


  • We have added new columns to Reports/Financial/Unused sessions Report (Paid and Value of Paid Sessions and a checkbox for Free Services)


  • The Sales CRM Guest Analysis report will now allow you to custom query on Historical sales stage and allow you to go directly to the contact history.    (Reports - Sales CRM - Prospect Guest Analysis)


  • The POS sales are now appearing on commission report -(Reports - Reports/Financial/Sales Commission Tracking)


Corrected Functions/Reports

  •  When canceling a secondary or tertiary membership in the future, the display on the view membership is now displaying the effective date instead of the entered date.


  • You are now able to take a payment from a multi-facility member from the checkin screen


  • The trainer scheduler in the trainer portal will now work with the New Drag and Drop Scheduler (Tools/system settings/scheduled appointment settings/setting New Drag and Drop Scheduler: = yes)


  • Gift cards payments are segregated if used with multiple payments


  • Now Trainers on the trainer portal have the ability to reverse a payment with added security


  • Fees can now be added to a service through an EFT batch and it will be reflected under the Service Schedule Payments.


  • The EFT Validate report will now correctly display members that are missing their credit card numbers (Functions/EFT/Validate/click search)


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