How to set up a class

Step 1: Create a Class

  • Functions-> Classes-> Add Type
  • Class Id: enter a class code up to 10 alphanumeric characters
  • Class Id Display: enter a short description of class; seen when purchasing by staff and clients
  • Description:  Enter a full length description of what the class entails
  • Session Charge: typically set to one; this is the number of sessions that will be deducted from a clients service package for attending the class
  • Price: value of the class; used for non-members of drop-ins and payroll only
  • Member Can View: Set to yes to display on the member portal
  • Session length: enter the appropriate length of the class
  • Type: use [Normal] for a typical class like yoga, zumba, etc; use [Group Training] for small group personal training or one-on-one PT
  • Check the instructor payroll box if you want to pay the trainer based on class payroll
  • Click [Save]
Step 2: Set up Trainer/Instructor Payroll
  • Functions-> Users-> View Trainers; Details-> Trainer Payroll
  • If [Type] is set to [Normal] in step 1, use the Class Payroll section in the trainer's details
  • If [Type] is set to [Group Training] in step 1, use the first payroll section, One-on-One Session and Group Training Payroll

Step 3: Schedule the Class

  • Functions-> Scheduler-> Sched Matrix; select the month and click on the appropriate day from the calendar.
  • Under the correct trainer's name, find the correct time of the class and click [Sched].
  • Appointment for: [Classes]
  • Select the correct class from the drop down menu to the right of class; added in Step 1.
  • Enter the capacity of the class
  • Enter the appropriate class length (workout length)
  • If this is a recurring class, select [yes] for Perm Appt and the number of repeating days/weeks.
  • Add any appropriate class notes
  • Click [Add Appointment]

Step 4: Schedule Members in the Class

  • Functions-> Scheduler-> Sched Matrix; click on the class from the schedule matrix.
  • Click [Add Members] to select a member for the class
  • Appointment for-> Members w/ Services; select member from drop down menu
  • Click [Add]
  • Repeat for additional members


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