How to purchase multiple, different priced gift cards for a member


If a member/purchaser wants to buy two different priced gift cards, you will need to follow the below steps to setup.  Once setup, this can be processed easily.

  1. Add different priced POS products called "Gift Cards". 
  2. To set this up, go to Functions-> Point of Sale-> Add Product.  Set quantity in stock to [9999] and cost to [0].  For price enter 20.  Enter [$20 Gift Card] in the short and long description fields (this is just an example, enter whatever increment you would like).
  3. Consider adding new product and income categories titled "Gift Cards" under Tools->System Settings->Field Definitions.
  4. Click [save].
  5. Repeat this for all of the gift card price increments you offer.
  6. To sell, go to Functions-> Point of Sale-> View Catalog, locate the appropriate gift card amount and continue through purchase process.
  7. Once you have processed the payment, you will now need to assign dollar values to the actual gift cards before handing over to purchaser.  To do this, go to: Functions-> Point of Sale-> Gift Cards; select purchase gift cards and enter bar code on first gift card.  Next, assign a dollar value and expiration date if appropriate.  At the checkout screen, process a no charge payment since the funds were already collected in the previous steps. Repeat these steps for the other cards.

**The only reason to follow these steps is if the purchaser only wants to be charged once for the full value. Otherwise, follow this:

Purchasing Gift Cards

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