How to Share a Service Package


  • Add the second person who will be sharing a package as a member.  
  • Functions-> Users-> Add User; user type=member
  • Locate the package to be shared
  • Functions-> Services-> View Services
  • Enter lastname of the member who owns the package, click [Search]
  • Under the actions column to the left, click [Add-Ons]
  • From the pink table titled Available, locate and click on the member you added in step:1 above
  • Click on the triangle pointing to the right; this will move the member to the Add Ons table
  • The member added in step:1 above is now an add-on to the service package.
*Note: The add-on to the service package will now be able to be scheduled and DONED on this service package.  Also, the service package will not show up under the add-on member's details.
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