Restrict Usage Setting on Service Type

What does the restrict usage setting control on service types?

There are 3 options for this setting:

  1. No restrictions - there are no limits on the scheduling of the package
  2. No carry over - you can restrict the number of sessions that can be used, but you do not allow any carry over
  3. Carry over - sessions can be carried over from month to month

If you are allowing carry over, you may want to set an Absolute end date on the package, so that a client is not carrying over sessions indefinitely.

Setting the restrict usage field to no carry over or carry over, opens up the option to Allow:.
This field allow you to set a number of sessions that are restricted month, weekly, quarterly, daily, or per payment made.
This number does not determine the # of sessions that can be carried over - it only controls the # of sessions that are restricted.
Carry over is an all or nothing setting.

These fields do not prevent scheduling. You can schedule a session as long as you have a service package. You cannot DONE a session though if it is beyond the restrictions.

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