Pre-Paid Accounts

A Member can open a pre-paid account to pay for items purchased in the Club while they are there and leave their wallet at home.  Pre-paid accounts are great if the kids are also members and use the Juice Bar, purchase bottled water or use the Snack Bar.

Part I.  Adding Funds

1.  Quick Functions -> User

2.  Enter Member last name and click Search

3.  In the Actions column, click 'Billing Info'

4.  Scroll down to Pre-Paid Account Details


 5.  Click the link on the right to 'Add Funds'

 6.  Enter the amount to be added to the account and click 'Continue'


7.  Select the Payment Type being used to add the funds


 8.  Submit

Part II.  Making a purchase using the Pre-Paid Account

1.  Purchase the item for the member from Quick POS or Quick Functions Catalog;

2.  Check out or Add additional items from the Catalog;

3.  Use 'Select Purchaser'.  Search for the Member and Select;

4.  Select 'Pre-Paid Account' from the Payment Type drop down menu;

5.  A box to 'Fund Pre-Paid Account' will appear.  Click the box;

6.  Scroll down to Pre-Paid Account and click the link 'Add Funds';

7.  Enter the amount you wish to add and Continue;

8.  Select the Payment Type used to fund the Pre-Paid account;

9.  Submit

Part III.  Pre-Paid Account Balances Report

To see the Remaining Balances on a Member's Pre-Paid Account, go to:

Reports -> Financial -> Open Balances (Pre-Paid)

Enter the Member's last name and Search.

You can also search by User Status i.e., Active, Inactive, Frozen, etc.

The report will display the balance of the account.  There is also a link to the Purchases made against the account, items purchased and funds added.



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