Options for Charging a Member for Child Care?

What are the options for charging a member for child care?

1. Add a child care fee to the membership

Functions>>Memberships>>View Type

The Child Care Fee is found under Additional Services Fees
This would be useful if you want to charge a member a monthly fee for child care services. For example, a $20 charge per month allows for childcare whenever the member comes to the facility.

To see memberships that have this charge, go to Functions>>View Memberships and choose "Services" under the actions column.

2. Creating a service for child care

Functions>>Services>>View Type

You can create a custom service package for child care that you can add to a members package. This would be useful if you charge $20 for 10 child care visits.

3. Create a POS Item

Functions>>Point of Sale>>Add Product

This will allow you to charge a fee each time the child care option is used. For example, a member may need to use child care sometimes but not every time they come to the gym. You could set up a POS item that charges $2 per hour for child care.

View Memberships >> Find Specific Member

1.  Hover over 'Membership Actions'

2.  Click 'Edit Service'

3.  Click 'Edit' next to the field where you have allocated the Childcare fee.  Enter the amount for Child Care, enter a note and click 'Save'.

This will add a child care fee on the same scheduled payment as the monthly dues.  This child care fee can be removed at any time during the membership.  Follow the steps above and enable the 'Remove Service' box next to the service.

Note** The Membership Services fees are defined in Tools -> System Settings -> Membership Fee Settings. Enter the name of the Service fee, choose the Income Category from the drop down and whether it should be taxed.


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