Create a Custom Service Package

Create Custom Service Package

When purchasing a custom service, type in Session rate (allowing custom amounts), set End Date, and Sales Rep

Note** This package will only be created as a Paid in Full package only.  If you would like this package to have monthly payments, you must edit the package after the purchase by using the 'Add Scheduled Payments' link. 

Purchase Service --> Enter Name --> Click button for "Create Custom Package"

1. You will enter the amount of sessions in Service

2. Enter the price per session

3.  Enter the Session Length in minutes

4.  The Total price for this package will automatically populate based on amount of sessions, and price per session

5.  Enter the end date (termination date for package to end)

6.  Can Add a Sales rep for commission if needed, but not mandatory

7.  Click Continue


Sessions In Service:  25
Price per Session:  
Session Length (min):  45
Total Price: $1,250.00
End Date:
Sales Rep:  


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