Create Administrator Groups and Assign Security Templates?

1. Create the Admin Group

1. Tools>System Settings> Field Definitions> Admin Groups
2. Choose the drop down to the right of Admin Groups to see a list of existing categories that you can edit, or make active/inactive. You can also add a new category. Save the changes when finished.

Then you need to create and assign security templates (if you haven’t already)

2. Create a Security Template

1. Functions, Security, Template
2. Drop down to Administrator
3. Click Create New Template
4. Add template name
5. Click Continue
6. Drop down to Administrator
7. Drop down to the template name created in #4 above
8. Set up template's security settings
9. Save

3. Assign to a specific Administrator

1. Find User
2. Locate admin
3. From Actions, click Security
4. From Select Template drop down, choose the template to be applied
5. Click Reset to Template 
6. Click Save

4. Assigning a Security Template to an Admin Group

1. Find User, User Type=Administrator
2. Admin Group= Back office, Front Office, etc.
3. Search
4. Select the 4th Icon on the right (looks like a lock)
5. Select the template from the drop down
6. Select Reset to Template

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