Adding a New Administrator, Assign Admin Groups and Security Templates

To add a new Administrator, go to Quick Functions -> Add User

  1. User Type - Change the User Type to Administrator
  2. Group -  Select from the Admin Groups (see How to Create Admin Groups)
  3. If the Admin is also an Employee or Sales Person, check the appropriate box to add the User accounts at the same time
  4. Enter First and Last Name, along w/Gender
  5. Security Template: Select the appropriate template from drop down (see How to Create Security Templates)


Enter any additional information such as email address or phone number. 

The Administrator's login Id is:

Login ID:  LastName-FirstName (ex., Doe-John)

Password: LastName (ex., Doe)

After the initial login, the Administrator will immediately be prompted to update their password.

Passwords are at least 8 characters in length and should include letters and at least 1 number.  You may use any special character except '&'.

**Note ~ The email address entered should be unique in Shape.  This will allow the Administrator to use the Password Reset function on the Login screen.  If duplicate emails are entered in Shape, an email will not be sent.

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