Adjusting Security Settings for an Administrator

Functions-> Users-> View Administrators; search and locate administrator account.


  1. To the left of the Admins name, under the actions column, click [Security].
  2. Expand both Functions and Reports by clicking on the [+] adjacent to each capability.
  3. Remove check marks next to items the Admin would not need access to
  4. Expand the items the Admin might need some access to
  5. From the expanded capability item, remove check marks from what the Admin will not need access to.
  6. When complete, print the page by clicking File, Print from the browser you are using.
  1. Login to your test Administrator account to view the security capabilities added/removed in Step:1
  2. Browse through the functions/reports remaining in the Admin account, noting anything that is missing that the Admin should have access to, and anything they can still see, but shouldn't.
  3. Repeat the steps 1-6 above to fine tune your Admin's accessibility.
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