How do I create an Advertisement on the Member login page?

How do I add an Advertisement to the Member login page?


  1. To Create an Advertisement go to Functions -> Marketing -> Advertisements -> Click Plus icon to Add Advertisement.
  2. Browse the image you want to use from your computer and then click Upload Image.   You can automatically resize so that the image fits in the space available.  Or you may choose to resize it yourself.   The image must have a height of 150px and/or a width of 140px.  
  3. Give the Advertisement a Title. This Title will display when hovering over the advertisement with your mouse.
  4. Put in the target URL that the member will be brought to when clicking the Advertisement.
  5. Check the active box
  6. Add Notes about the Advertisement
  7. Click Save
  8. Settings for Advertisements are located in Tools/system settings/Advertisement Settings



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