How do I record a collection payment

First Credit Services sends a monthly report with monies collected.  You will need to record this payment in Shape.

Apply Payment
  • Quick Functions -> View Memberships;
  • Enter the last name of the Member and Search;
  • Hover over Membership Actions, and click the Payment button;
  • Enter the amount collected and Continue;
  • The Payment Type should be applied as a 'No Charge'.  Enter an Audit Note and 'Submit'.
  • Click the Membership Details button to go back to current Membership

Remove from Collections

  • Hover over Membership Actions and click the History button;
  • In the Actions column, look for the action 'Sent to Collections P2';
  • In Notes, look for the batch number the Member is in;


Next, go to Functions -> Collections -> View Batch

  • Click 'View' in the Actions column next to the batch you are updating;
  • Locate the transaction in the list.  If a partial payment was received, click 'Record Payment' link.  If the entire amount was received, click 'Mark as Collected'.


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