Process Expired Services Message - at Log in

To turn off the Process Expired Services message you receive  when first logging in, you must turn off the report that produces it.  This may be a security you would like to disable for certain Administrators who do not process services.

The report is found under:

Reports -> Training -> Process Expired Services

1.  To disable the security for the template, go to:

Tools ->Security -> Templates;

Under 'Select User Type', select Administrator;

Select the template you would like to disable the security;

Click the + under REPORTS to expand the selection;

Click the + under TRAINING to expand the selection;



The 'Process Expired Services' screen displays packages with the following Auto Close Action:

Close on Due Date or Zero Sessions

If a package is set to CLOSE ON DUE DATE OR ZERO SESSIONS and the due date comes before the session count reaches zero, a prompt will appear on Admin logon with options to close the package.

When an Administrator logs in the morning of a package due date, a screen will display the Expired Service Packages Report ('Process Expired Services). This is the ONLY notification to alert a package is past its due date.  If the package has sessions remaining, you can either 'Close' the package (the Member will lose any remaining sessions), or 'Edit Current Service'.  Until the Close option is executed by an Administrator a member will continue to be able to login and schedule classes/sessions.

If the package reaches ZERO sessions before reaching the DUE DATE, the package will close automatically. The member will become inactive and will not have access to schedule classes or sessions.

The packages do not have to be processed at the time of login.  You may click the link to 'Bypass'.  You can process the expired services later.  The report can be found under

Reports -> Training -> Process Expired Services

**Note - This notification can be turned off at login through Administrator Security.  The capability is found under

Tools -> Security -> Templates.  

  • Select Administrator from User Type drop down
  • Select the template you are enabling/disabling
  • Expand the + next to REPORTS
  • Under Capability subtype, expand the + next to TRAINING
  • Enable/Disable Process Expired Services



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