How To Move Appointments From One Trainer to Another

Go to: Functions-> Scheduler-> Sched Matrix

  1. From the Schedule Matrix, select [Trainer Move] from the options above the calendar. 
  2. Move From: Select the trainer who is currently scheduled for the class/PT
  3. Move To: Select the trainer who wants to take ownership of the scheduled class/PT
  4. Day of the Week: [All]
  5. Schedule Date: search for appointments moving forward from a certain date (>=), or between (btwn) a certain time period.
  6. Click [View Appointments]
  7. Check the box to the left of the date of the class/appointment you want to switch trainers.
  8. Click [Move Appointments]
  9. Done
View the Sched Matrix to verify that the appointments were moved to the new trainer correctly.
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