ShapeNet Website Integration - Quick Guide

Easy ways to integrate your website with your ShapeNet system

Buttons and/or links can easily be added to your website for your members and/or non-members to do the following:

  1. Member Portal access for your members

Member Login – Best placement homepage of the website


  1. Non-member purchase membership

Join Now or Purchase Membership– Best placement homepage of the website


  1. Purchase a Service

Purchase Training Package - Best placement homepage of the website


  1. See class schedule and/or register for class

This can be display in two areas to optimize functionality.

  • On the Member Portal homepage - Class Schedule
  • From your website - View Classes


  1. Join Mailing List

Join Mailing List or Get Free Pass - Best placement homepage of the website


These are the steps for your business to take to minimize actions your front desk takes. It also provides an opportunity to generate revenue without anyone from your staff having to do anything.

We have reports to help track the activity for all of the above events.

Taking the above steps will help you optimize the effectiveness of your staff and business.

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