How to Purchase a Membership

If the member already exists in the system:

Quick Functions >> Purchase Membership or Functions >> Membership >> Purchase

  1. Enter Members Last name, First name or first few letters of name (for fewer results)
  2. Click on Purchase
  3. Click on appropriate Membership Type
  4. The start date will default to today's date but this can be changed
  5. Set Billing Day of Month (this can be set to a specific day  - example: Bill on the 1st of the month, have 1 be the only choice. Please enter a support ticket if you are interested in this)
  6. Sales Rep may be selected
  7. If no changes needed, click Open Membership

Override values

  1. Click on Override values if any of the following need to be changed
  2. New rate amount
  3. Initialization Fee
  4. 1st or 2nd payment amounts
  5. Term date
  6. Choose to waive a specific payment number
  7. Waive initiation Fee
  8. Add free months
  9. Override Laundry, Locker or Towel Fees
  10. If anything is changed, click on Recalculate (the top portion of the screen will now reflect changes, verify that they are correct)
  11. Click on Open Membership

After opening the membership, a summary screen displays. Choices include:

1. Sign contract - opens the document locker so the member can sign the contract

2. Apply payment - take payment for the membership

3. More actions - opens the view membership screen for the newly added membership


**If you choose to sign contract first, go to view memberships and choose payment from membership actions to apply payment. If you choose to apply payment first, go to view memberships and choose document locker from membership actions to sign the contract.


If the member doesn't exist in the system:

Quick Functions >> Add User or Functions >> User >> Add

1. Enter all member details

2. Click "Save Go to Billing" at the top right of the screen

3. Enter EFT preference (if billing monthly in a batch) and appropriate payment details (credit card or bank account)

4. Click "Purchase Membership" at the bottom of the screen - follow steps from above.


Quick Functions >> Add User or Functions >> User >> Add

1. Enter all member details

2. Choose "Select a Membership" in the Purchase Membership field (top portion of the add user screen)

3. Choose the appropriate membership type

4. Click Save or Save Go to Billing at the top right of the screen

If choosing "Save" summary of membership purchase will display - options are to sign contract, apply payment, or continue.

If choosing "Save Go to Billing", enter billing information and click continue at the bottom. Membership summary will display.

**Please note that there are no override, billing date, or prorate options available when using the "Select a Membership" from the add user screen**


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